Five tips to have an enjoyable weekend indoors

by Irene Pallares

Get mentally and emotionally ready to have a different, fun weekend, get out of the routine and be renewed. Here I leave you 5 tips or activities that you can try with your friends, family or by yourself.

1. Find a moment of relaxation and intimacy with yourself: Try painting mandalas. It is fun, relaxing and allows you to internalize.  Also, if you frame them, you can use them to decorate your room too.

2. Organize a game night with friends: Chats, laughter, food and a couple of beers. Surely everyone will relax.

3. Cooking a dessert that you have never tried: ideal to share with family and friends while chatting, and enjoying it. Perfect for tea time.


how to have an enjoyable weekend indoors

4. Movie marathon: Choose your favorite genre, check for award winning movies that you have not seen, you will surely find two or three of your interest. Don’t forget to grab your favorite candies.

5. Redecorate your room. There is nothing complicated required. You can move the furniture around to give your room a new fresh look. Seek for new colors, move around objects or bring a new element that makes you feel happier.

I hope you have a fun weekend!  Don´t forget to tell us your experience, we will love to hear about it.

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