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The Purpose of Fashion Style

Fashion sense is not just a concept. Throughout the history of humanity, fashion has communicated a way of thinking, a cultural expression… …read more

How to Manage Stress

Stress has many causes and has very negative effects on our body and in our mind.  Here I leave you some tips for you to apply on daily basis to help you identify, …read more

inspiring women stress

The Power of Gratitude 

When I was studying my course in humanistic psychology, I took a workshop on quantum physics to understand why emotions … read more

inspiring women gratitude

Career promotion… Want it? Ask for it!

Although there are more women following a professional degree: 56% of total students in the US … read more

job promotion

Five tips to have an enjoyable weekend indoors

Get mentally and emotionally ready to have a different, fun weekend, get out of the routine and be renewed. read more

fun indoors

How to captivate with your voice

Our voice is a powerful instrument of communication.  Through it we can transmit ideas, thoughts, desires, needs…. read more

how to captivate with your voice

What is the color of your personality?

The Psychology of color states that colors generate emotions and are related to different attributes of our way… read more

About beats & bags

Hi!! I am Irene, thanks for passing by. Were this to be a face to face chat, I would offer you a cup of coffee or perhaps…. read more

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